hp DG06XL

LAPTOP BATTERY HP DG06XL: replacement battery for HP Omen X 17-AP Series.

Buy it here HP DG06XL Laptop battery, Price discount 30%, 100% Brand new, Quality assurance, 1 year warranty, 30 days return!

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Your Price : £ 67
Battery Type : Li-ion
Capacity: 8143mAh 99Wh
Voltage: 11.55V
Color: black
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1 . Full Refund if you don't receive your order.

2 . 30 days return, 1 year warranty.

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Item specifics

  • Product Condition: Replacement Battery, Brand New
  • Applicable Brand : For HP
  • Voltage : 11.55V
  • Type : Li-ion
  • Capacity : 8143mAh 99Wh
  • Color : black
  • Size :
  • Model Number : DG06XL
  • Coding : HPQ21JA1074
  • Warranty : One year warranty

Estimated Shipping Date: 1 - 2 business days at the earliest. (Delivery will be delayed during holidays)

Estimated Delivery Date: 7 - 20 business days at the earliest. (Delivery will be delayed during holidays)

Can replace the following part numbers :

Fits the Following Models :

HP OMEN X 17-ap002np HP Omen X 17-AP000NT HP Omen X 17-AP005TX
HP Omen X 17-AP027TX HP Omen X 17-ap047tx HP Omen X 17-AP000UR
HP Omen X 17-AP006NF HP Omen X 17-AP030ND HP Omen X 17-ap001nl
HP Omen X 17-AP001NF HP Omen X 17-AP006TX HP Omen X 17-AP031TX
HP Omen X 17-ap006ng HP Omen X 17-AP001NO HP Omen X 17-AP007TX
HP Omen X 17-AP033TX HP Omen X 17-ap032ng HP Omen X 17-AP001UR
HP Omen X 17-AP009TX HP Omen X 17-AP050NA HP OMEN X 17-ap000ne
HP Omen X 17-AP002NI HP Omen X 17-AP010TX HP Omen X 17-AP092MS
HP OMEN X 17-ap051nr HP Omen X 17-AP003NA HP Omen X 17-AP013TX
HP Omen X 17T-AP000 CTO HP Omen X 17-ap0xx HP Omen X 17-AP003NO
HP Omen X 17-AP016TX HP Omen X 17-AP000NB HP Omen X 17-AP003UR
HP Omen X 17-AP019TX HP Omen X 17-AP000NI HP Omen X 17-AP004NO
HP Omen X 17-AP022TX HP OMEN X 17-ap001np HP Omen X 17-AP000NP
HP Omen X 17-AP005NB HP Omen X 17-AP025TX HP OMEN X 17-ap020nr
HP Omen X 17-AP000NW HP Omen X 17-AP005UR HP Omen X 17-AP028TX
HP Omen X 17-ap000
HP Omen X 17-AP001NB HP Omen X 17-AP006NL
HP Omen X 17-AP030TX HP Omen X 17-ap002ng HP Omen X 17-AP001NI
HP Omen X 17-AP006UR HP Omen X 17-AP032TX HP Omen X 17-ap007ng
HP Omen X 17-AP001NS HP Omen X 17-AP008NN HP Omen X 17-AP034NG
HP Omen X 17-ap002no HP Omen X 17-AP002NB HP Omen X 17-AP010ND
HP Omen X 17-AP053NA HP OMEN X 17-ap036ng HP Omen X 17-AP002TX
HP Omen X 17-AP011TX HP Omen X 17-AP100 HP OMEN X 17-ap052nr
HP Omen X 17-AP003NF HP Omen X 17-AP014TX HP OMEN X 17-ap045tx
HP Omen X 17-AP003NS HP Omen X 17-AP017TX HP Omen X 17-AP000ND
HP Omen X 17-AP004NF HP Omen X 17-AP020TX HP Omen X 17-AP000NJ
HP Omen X 17-AP004TX HP Omen X 17-AP023TX
HP Omen X 17-AP000NS HP Omen X 17-AP005NF HP Omen X 17-AP026TX
HP OMEN X 17 ap010nr HP Omen X 17-AP000NX HP Omen X 17-AP006NC
HP Omen X 17-AP029TX HP Omen X 17-ap000ng HP Omen X 17-AP001NE
HP Omen X 17-AP006NO HP Omen X 17-AP031NG HP Omen X 17-ap005ng
HP Omen X 17-AP001NN HP Omen X 17-AP007NF HP Omen X 17-AP033NG
HP Omen X 17-ap030ng HP Omen X 17-AP001TX HP Omen X 17-AP008TX
HP Omen X 17-AP034TX HP OMEN X 17-ap003ne HP Omen X 17-AP002NF
HP Omen X 17-AP010NR HP Omen X 17-AP090NZ HP OMEN X 17-ap035ng
HP Omen X 17-AP002UR HP Omen X 17-AP012TX HP Omen X 17-AP100 CTO
HP OMEN X 17-ap046TX HP Omen X 17-AP003NN HP Omen X 17-AP015TX
HP Omen X 17-AP000NA HP Omen X 17-AP003TX HP Omen X 17-AP018TX
HP Omen X 17-AP000NF HP Omen X 17-AP004NL HP Omen X 17-AP021TX
HP Omen X 17-AP000NO HP Omen X 17-AP004UR HP Omen X 17-AP024TX

How to check this battery is compatible with my laptop?

  • Please find out your old battery’s part number or the exact model name of your laptop at first, then to match our product compatibility chart. Second please compare your old battery to our product images ensure their shape is same. Finally check the voltage(Rating) is same to your old battery's.

Replace the HP DG06XL Battery

  • You can trust us for all your HP laptop battery replacement needs with our outstanding customer service. We have replacement batteries for popular HP Series laptops.

Thorough Quality Assurance

  • HP DG06XL Battery complies with international safety standards in order to provide safe and high-quality batteries. We provide batteries that have gone through internal verifications and quality tests by trusted third-party CAs.

Optimal Battery Usage Environment

  • Our Battery is designed to perform best at 0° ~ 35°C. Continuous use or charging in extreme temperatures may accelerate battery deterioration. Temporary exposure to extreme temperatures will activate the device’s safeguards to minimise damage, and charging will be limited to protect the battery from overheating.

How to charge a new battery for HP DG06XL for the first time use?

  • New HP DG06XL battery battery pack is normally shipped in its partially charged condition. Please cycle your HP DG06XL battery by fully charge and discharge it for 3-5 times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity before use.

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