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Laptop adapter LENOVO 19V : SSBS19 SSBS20 UV20 UV21-S23, Buy LENOVO 19V Laptop adapter 100% new, high quality, price concessions !

Price : £ 45
Discount Price : £ 31
Type : GSB0AH
Coding : LEN17645
DC Output : 19V 3.42A,65W
AC Input : 100-240V, 50-60Hz
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1 . Full Refund if you don't receive your order.

2 . 30 days replacement, 1 year warranty.

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Item specifics

  • Compatible Brand : LENOVO
  • DC Output : 19V 3.42A,65W
  • Type : GSB0AH
  • Warranty : One year warranty
  • AC Input : 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Color : black
  • Model Number : 19V

Can replace the following part numbers :

ADP-65YB B, 0712A1965, ADP-65CH A, PA-1560-52LC

Note: Please make sure the DC output and Connecter size of ac adapter are accordant before you bid!!! We’ll send you the power cord with the corresponding wall plug according to your shipping address. For example, if your shipping address is in US, then the power cord will be with the US standard wall plug. If you need the different plug used in your country, please contact us immediately after you have paid

Fits the Following Models :

Lenovo IdeaPad U110 série: U110-23043BU (Black), U110-23043AU (Red), U110-2304-2AU, U110-2304-2BU, U110- 2304-3AU, U110-2304-3BU, U110-2304-4AU, U110-2304- 4BU

Lenovo IdeaPad U330 série: U330-2267-2DU, U330- 2267-2EU, U330-2267-2BU, U330-2267-3AU, U330-2267-2AU, U330- 2267-2FU, U330-2267-2CU

Lenovo IdeaPad U350 série: U350-2963-25U, U350-2963-26U, U350-2963-27U, U350-2963- 23U

Lenovo IdeaPad U450 série: U450, U450P

Lenovo IdeaPad U550 série

Lenovo IdeaPad Y300 série: Y300-7759, Y300-9449
Lenovo IdeaPad Y310 série: Y310-7756

Lenovo IdeaPad Y330 série
Lenovo IdeaPad Y350 série: Y350-4051, Y350-2963-23U, Y350-2963-25U, Y350-2963-26U, Y350-2963-27U

Lenovo IdeaPad Y410 série
Lenovo IdeaPad Y430 GMA série: Y430-2781-74U, Y430-2781-82U, Y430-2781-83U, Y430-2781-84U, Y430-2781-73U, Y430-2781-86U, Y430-2781-7AU, Y430-2781-87U
Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 GMA série: Y450-4189 -34U, Y450-4189-32U, Y450-4189-35U, Y450-4189-36U, Y450-4189- 38U

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 GMA série: Y510-7758- 2AU, Y510-7758-2BU, Y510-7758-2CU, Y510-7758-3AU, Y510-7758- 3BU, Y510-7758-3CU
Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 GMA série: Y530 -4051-2QU, Y530-4051-2RU, Y530-4051-62U, Y530-4051-2SU, Y530- 4051-63U, Y530-4051-2TU, Y530-4051-42U, Y530-4051-2WU, Y530- 4051-2UU, Y530-4051-43U, Y530-4051-53U, Y530-4051-54U, Y530- 4051-6HU, Y530-4051-68U, Y530-4051-6FU, Y530-4051-69U, Y530- 4051-67U, Y530-4051-6AU, Y530-4051-6BU
Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 GMA série: Y550-418648U, Y550-418646U, Y550-418645U, Y550 -418644U, Y550-41864AU, Y550-418642U

Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 GMA série: Y650-4185-36U

Lenovo IdeaPad Y710 série: Y710, Y710-4054

Lenovo IdeaPad Y730 série: Y730, Y730-4053

Lenovo IdeaPad Y730A série

Lenovo IdeaPad G430 série: G430, G430- 20003

Lenovo 3000 G230 série: G230, G230- 4107, G230G

Lenovo 3000 G400 série

Lenovo 3000 G410 série

Lenovo 3000 G430 série: G430, G430- 2000, G430-4152, G430-4153, G430A, G430L, G430M

Lenovo 3000 G450 série

Lenovo 3000 G500 série

Lenovo 3000 G510 série :G510, G510-4056, G510- 4059

Lenovo 3000 G530 série: G530, G530-4446- 38U

Lenovo 3000 G550 série

Lenovo 3000 N500 série

IBM ThinkPad i1400 série: i1400, i1410, i1411, i1412, i1436, i1450, i1451, i1452, i1472

IBM ThinkPad i1500 série: i1500, i1512, i1522, i1552

IBM ThinkPad i1700 série: i1700, i1720

IBM ThinkPad i2600 série

IBM ThinkPad T22 série: T22 2647

LENOVO 19V Laptop adapter Use Tips :

  • 1 . Please make sure you have order a correct connector.
  • 2 . Plase make sure the DC OUTPUT of LENOVO 19V Laptop adapter Connector size are accordant before order.
  • 3 . Do not try to modify or disassemble the LENOVO 19V.
  • 4 . Do not place 19V Laptop adapter in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  • 5 . Do not short circuit the 19V LENOVO Laptop adapter terminals while you charging for your laptop.

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